About Thriving Mama

Living Frugally, Contentedly, Faithfully and THRIVING!
Welcome to ThrivingMama!  This is my outlet to share my philosophies on life as a wife, mom, and a small business owner.  I’ve chosen to be a stay at home mom (S/WAHM) and thanks to budgeting and rather frugal lifestyle choices, we are able to live life contentedly.  We live in a great rural area of the US and often I don my “country gourmet” hat and I will share those recipes here.  I am also working on a collection of recipes that include lots of hidden vegetables and whole grains to yummy treats, to make them even better!
I will link to coupon sites and other money-saving resources that I have found helpful as well as to other blogs that are full of great information.  I find that life is too short and time too valuable to recreate something that someone else is already doing well!

Making & Saving Money!

You will see links around my site for a few hand-picked vendors and websites as well as embedded links within some posts.  These are known as affiliate links.  I do get advertising incentives when you click on these links.  I only post sites that I have used and feel comfortable recommending.  If you have questions, let me know.
Occasionally I am paid to write sponsored posts as well.  These will be clearly marked in the footer of the post as a sponsored post.
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