Thursday, June 27, 2013

Beginner Checkers

Somewhere recently, GGirl picked up that there was a game out there called "checkers" and learning how to play became her fixation.   So, I entered 2013 and downloaded an app.  With one  and two player options she can play against me or the Android.  The spaces that are legal moves light up.  We will have to find a board and chips so she can experience the triumphant demand of "king me!"

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Look Who's One!

On Monday we celebrated MMan's first birthday.  He is a strong little guy who would rather climb than walk and has mastered a very entertaining bear crawl.  He is often happy playing on his own, out of the grasps of his ever loving, always moving sister.  Water and the outdoors prove to be favorites.  If it can be chewed, it is a favorite toy and we have yet to introduce a food that he won't eat. 

His birthday was his first experience with a cupcake of his own, and after he got over his disbelief, he had no problem making that special treat disappear!  We had friends with us for dinner and Granny and Granddad in on Skype.  Modern technology can be so fun!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Sprinkler Fun

Yesterday was a great summery day: hot, humid and great for playing in the water.  I started with MMan in the playpen with some water in a bin to play with.  I said play in the water, he heard play in the water!  I'm re-thinking my position on another kiddie pool for the summer. After a bit it was sprinklers for everyone.

On Top of Mt. Table

MMan is a climber.  He shows amazing amounts of strength, but just won't walk.  This weekend we were at a picnic and he climbed from the ground level all the way to the top of the picnic table.  He was determined and kept going until he got there, with a lot of spotting.  And at the top of Mt Table, all he got was a cracker.  Later he got the watermelon!

Saturday, June 22, 2013


I distinctly being on a mission, last June, to get my strawberries picked and frozen and jam made before MMan made his arrival.  Little did I know that I would have plenty of time!  This year June completely got away from me and while I thought about berries a couple times, it wasn't until HandyMan pinned it on the calendar that we went for our annual haul of strawberries.  Sittster and GGirl had some fun with the flowers and it was much easier picking with MMan in the stroller, not a full term pregnancy!

Celebrating Summer: Parks & Carousels

The end of this week has finally brought some summer-like weather and it has been beautiful!  On Thursday we gathered up Sittster and headed out for an outting.  Caked in sun-block, we hit the park.  The playground is much more fun (for me) with a one-to-one ratio for tracking the kids.  So Sittster chased GGirl around while I tracked MMan.   45 minutes of running, climbing, swinging and chasing wore just about everyone out.  After a couple errands we went to one of the local carousels for a ride before heading home.  It was MMan's first ride and he was too tired to be impressed.  Quite the fun afternoon!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Scenes from The Backyard

This week finally brought some nice weather. We enjoyed being able to spend some time playing outside and exploring the world outside our back door.  MMan enjoys his little play area, his Buddy, not so much.  He wanted to be out digging with GGirl! 

That Kind of Dad

I'm a few days late with my tribute to HandyMan for Father's day.  And I wish I could tell you we had a great celebration that reflected what an amazing Dad he is, but alas, the calendar and budget couldn't come close to reflecting all the Dad greatness, so he settled for new swim trunks and rash guard shirt wrapped in a GGirl original gift bag.   

HandyMan is the dad who...

:: Regularly gets up with our little early birds and lets me get a little extra sleep.
:: Takes his Little Shadow (GGirl) with him on many of his projects around our property, and she loves it!
:: Works hard to instill a love of learning in our children.
:: Makes great pies, and is teaching GGirl the art of pie making ans pie-dough snitching
:: Has taken on his share of dirty diapers, without complaint. 
:: Has been up for his share, and sometimes more, of MMan Midnight Parties
:: Works hard and plays hard
:: Loves unconditionally
:: When asked to entertain four, 4 years old and under, while I talked with a friend, he didn't just supervise.   We found him doing laps around the yard with three in the wheelbarrow and one in the backpack.  
:: Can often be found at 7am during the summer months, working in the yard or garden, MMan in backpack and GGirl following right behind.
:: Is quick to help out on the projects of others.

Just to name a few.  I couldn't be more proud of the dad that you are.

It Had Been A Long Time

HandyMan and I don't make it to the movies often.  After our area flooded in 2011, one of the theaters got some major upgrades.  We watched the full length feature last Friday evening from recliners that were more comfortable than the best seats in our house.  
Note to self: watch for deals on movie passes, and pay attention to new movies coming out!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Triumphant Spaghetti

Last night at dinner MMan was in rare form. We had spaghetti and I think this was one of rhe first times he has had the long noodles to eat on his own.  MMan wiggled them, studied the shape and texture, flung them, and giggled when the noodles got stuck in his hair.  Eventually, he ate the noodles, all of them!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Boy In a Box

MMan is a climber.  In the toy box.  Up on the futon, chairs, step stools, foot stools and couches.  It's no match for this little climber.  And stairs, we have 'up' mastered, down is another story.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Little Bunny GGirl & First Steps

Today, GGirl was very in to masks. She's been working on her Halloween costume for weeks, aka, coming out dressed in whatever strikes her fancy. Her imagination is in overdrive. So, on yet another rainy day here, the imagination of masks, collided with the role playing of "mommy and baby". Here is my GGirl bunny, tending to her baby bunny while she vegged out to some PBS Kids. In other news, MMan took A step today. I remember vividly, baby GGirl's first steps. I was getting ready to take something out of the hot oven and she had snuck up behind me. I turned away from the open oven, grabbed her and stood her in the middle of the kitchen floor, to get her out of the danger zone. She got mad at me and pitched a fit as she toddled the two steps to cling to the cabinets for dear life. Today, we were rocking out to kids' music on Pandora when MMan woke up from his nap. He woke up very happy and when I got him downstairs I stood him next to his high chair. He held on, looked upmat the tv playing the music and did his little bouncy-squat-dance [which is super cute] then LET GO and STEPPED AWAY and continued with a couple more bouncy-squats before he landed on his behind. So, I think that particular step is going to stick in my head as his first. I doubt it will be too long before it is followed by the second, and third and he will be off and running, trying to keep up with his sister.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Rainy Day

The calendar says June, the weather feels more like March.  It is cold and damp and I'm trying to figure out what I can bake and warm the house up.  Turning the heat back on just seems wrong.  It's JUNE!!

In other news, we had a play date with our MOPs friends this morning and MMan loved the tube!  He'd happily crawl through it, turn around and do it again.  He was too quick and this was the best picture could get. 

Thursday, June 6, 2013

An Afternoon Serenade

This afternoon I was treated to a serenade in the kitchen.  Accompanied by her trusty Hello Kitty ukelele, GGirl's lyrics and style reminded of Phoebe's coffee shop gigs in the show "Friends".  Some lyrics included:

...fairies are forever...
...shush little doggie, shush, shush, shush.  Or me and my pretend friends will get you...
...heart of wonder, heart of wonder, its in my body...

Watch out top 40 lists, she's coming.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Busy Kids

I am relishing a bit of writing time while the kiddos are busy. They are each happily playing by themselves. MMan woke up from his morning nap happily sporting molar #3 in two weeks. There's one more molar and 4 eye teeth working their way in. I'm hoping that they come in soon because the sleeplessness is getting really rough on HandyMan and me. MMan gets 2 naps a day so it's not bothering him too much! MMan is climbing, standing, bear crawling, but not walking on his own yet. GGirl is busy from the time she wakes up until she crashes at night. She and her "friends" have adventures all day long. I'm often admonished for sitting or stepping on her "friends". If watching out for two small children under foot isn't difficult enough, now I have to watch out for imaginary friends too! All in a day's work. Now off to mix up some Peanut Butter Pie while everyone is still happy!

Sunday Sunshine & Showers

After a whirlwind of them month of May, things are slowing a bit from the breakneck pace. Sunday brought a slow, work in the yard kind of day. HandyMan mowed, I planted more in the garden, GGirl played in the sprinkler and after a great nap, MMan happily played in the play pen. It was sunny and warm and just plain enjoyable. Friends joined us in a "pot-luck" of dinner. At one point, an afternoon cloud let loose with a 5 minute downpour. GGirl, still in her swimsuit and soaked from the sprinkler, ran to the house to retrieve her umbrella. It was raining after all!