Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Busy Kids

I am relishing a bit of writing time while the kiddos are busy. They are each happily playing by themselves. MMan woke up from his morning nap happily sporting molar #3 in two weeks. There's one more molar and 4 eye teeth working their way in. I'm hoping that they come in soon because the sleeplessness is getting really rough on HandyMan and me. MMan gets 2 naps a day so it's not bothering him too much! MMan is climbing, standing, bear crawling, but not walking on his own yet. GGirl is busy from the time she wakes up until she crashes at night. She and her "friends" have adventures all day long. I'm often admonished for sitting or stepping on her "friends". If watching out for two small children under foot isn't difficult enough, now I have to watch out for imaginary friends too! All in a day's work. Now off to mix up some Peanut Butter Pie while everyone is still happy!

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