Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Little Bunny GGirl & First Steps

Today, GGirl was very in to masks. She's been working on her Halloween costume for weeks, aka, coming out dressed in whatever strikes her fancy. Her imagination is in overdrive. So, on yet another rainy day here, the imagination of masks, collided with the role playing of "mommy and baby". Here is my GGirl bunny, tending to her baby bunny while she vegged out to some PBS Kids. In other news, MMan took A step today. I remember vividly, baby GGirl's first steps. I was getting ready to take something out of the hot oven and she had snuck up behind me. I turned away from the open oven, grabbed her and stood her in the middle of the kitchen floor, to get her out of the danger zone. She got mad at me and pitched a fit as she toddled the two steps to cling to the cabinets for dear life. Today, we were rocking out to kids' music on Pandora when MMan woke up from his nap. He woke up very happy and when I got him downstairs I stood him next to his high chair. He held on, looked upmat the tv playing the music and did his little bouncy-squat-dance [which is super cute] then LET GO and STEPPED AWAY and continued with a couple more bouncy-squats before he landed on his behind. So, I think that particular step is going to stick in my head as his first. I doubt it will be too long before it is followed by the second, and third and he will be off and running, trying to keep up with his sister.

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