Monday, May 2, 2011

May's Goals and April's Updates

As the  months rolled into April, I set out with some goals through a fun little blog round up over at MamaJenn's.  I am happy to report that I did pretty well!

Mission Accomplished Inside: Spring Cleaning My goal is to get four areas of the house deep cleaned and get rid of all the winter dust and cob-webs. I am glad to say that the kitchen, two bathrooms and my work room were thoroughly cleaned and organized, for at least one day this month!

Mission AccomplishedOutside: Garden I have gotten the materials to set up one of my raised beds with a cover and plant some crops that I hope to get in early.  If the weather holds and night time temperatures stay above 27, I hope to get this bed set up an planted around the middle of the month.

While the weather was not as cooperative as I had hoped, I did get the first section of this early garden bed up and spinach and green beans planted.  I ran into some snags along the way too that I needed to rework my way through.  But the first phase is done and that's enough to check it off the list for now.

Mission Accomplished Blogging I would like to get 8 posts up this month of projects that I’m working on and want to share. In addition to the cleaning and gardening posts linked above,  here are 5 more.  Mission accomplished!

  1. Trash Me Pants

  2. Improvising Dresses

  3. Kissing Shoes

  4. Book Review: Judgment Day

  5. Frosting & Filling A Layered Cake

Mission Accomplished Charity’s Candles It is my goal to get my inventory replenished to restock for one craft show coming up and one retail location as well as a special order that’s come in for a baby shower.

Done, Done and Done!

* * * * *

Boy that felt good!  I guess I didn't do so bad last month after all!  My May goals are few, but here they are:

Blogging: Write and post my review of This Little Prayer of Mine.

Gardening: Put in Phase Two of the early bed and if it warms up, get the rest of the garden beds planted by Memorial Day.

Charity's Candles: Redesign the home page of the web site and work on re-doing some signage that I need to get ready for my next craft show.

Have a great Month!

This post is linked up at MamaJenn's Mission of the Month.


  1. Well, I'm certainly impressed. I was just crowing over actually getting the laundry put away. :)

  2. Great job!!! I hope you have a wonderful May, and that you get to have all of your garden in by the time you want it in. :)

  3. Wow what a super productive month! And love the hula hoop idea with your garden bed. Hope you found something to make it sturdier. :)

  4. I am blown away! You did great! And happy gardening for May.

  5. Good job! I love how you down sized the mission accomplished buttons. Made it like a check list! :)