Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Camp Mondays

After morning chapel and class time, Monday was a picture perfect day on the lake.  I discovered that our baby moniter would reach right down to the edge of the beach.  I kept an eye in GGirl and an ear on MMan while he napped and enjoyed the beautiful day.

GGirl has always enjoyed water, but gas not been a fan of water in her face or going under water.  All that changed the first day with inflatable water wings.  She was all over the shallow end of the beach, getting her face in the water, going under.  It was awesome to watch her confidence build.  She even went out in the deeper water with me, swimming in her own.

HandyMan made it to camp late on Monday afternoon and jumped right in alongside our activities.  It is so good to have him back!  Last night he did T-shirt painting with GGirl.  It was taken by the staff to dry.  I can't wait to see their finished creation. 

I'm enjoying little snippets of reading time, life-building conversations, and the peaceful setting for our week. 

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