Saturday, October 5, 2013

Ravioli Night night was ravioli night at our house.   A friend came over to play and we cooked up a pretty yummy meal.  I have pasta rollers for my Kitchen Aid, a small ravioli press that [is supposed to] make 12 small raviolis and a large Pampered Chef press and cut thingie intended for sandwiches, but worked awesome for extra-large raviolis!

GGirl helped too-she did a great job helping to mix up the cheese filling and licking off the cream cheese wrapper.  Some of the ravioli [mostly the ones that failed to seal correctly] were baked in sauce and held their integrity surprisingly well. Others were boiled and smothered with fresh sauce.  And for dessert, we had some just filled with ricotta and cream cheese.  We fried those up and topped them with homemade jam and powdered sugar for dessert.   Mmmmmm.  Crispy,  cheesy, fruity goodness!

The only complaint camefrom MMan when I served HIS ravioli onto MY plate to cool.  He shoved his plate at me and made it known that I had put them on the wrong plate and that he wanted them NOW.  He even signed a "please".

I used these  as base recipes, but with creative cooking, I tend to wander from the recipe.

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