Friday, February 14, 2014

Flying Solo: Day 5

When I just counted it out on my fingers, I realized I'm only 1/3 of the way through my Solo Mom stint.   Oh, it seems like so much longer.   I'm so grateful for friends who have stepped in to help so far.  I think it's kind of like playing doubles tennis, without a partner and having other players step in for 30 second intervals. 

At this point, GGirl is sporting one fine, hacking cough that has kept me up too much of the last 2 nights.   MMan is sleeping through it just fine and ready to party. 

I sit down, hoping to catch 8 minutes to suck down my coffee while it's warm (my sweet serum of sleep replacement!).  No sooner do my buns hit my comfy seat in front of the fireplace, than MMan comes running at me with blanket and binkies to snuggle. Only he is followed by a certain aroma that says he needs a different kind of attention.

Coffee is now luke warm.  I can drink it a little faster, which is good because between sips, I see that MMan is on a mission for something on the counter.  First the step stool.  Not high enough.  The he pushes over a chair from the kitchen table.  Still can't reach.  Table chair goes back, and around comes a bar chair.  He is not lacking in the problem solving department.

Coffee is gone.  I think I need a refill.  How long until nap time?

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