Friday, February 20, 2015

Tricky Pizza

Pizza is such a favorite around here, but it has become a tricky road to get dinner on the table.  Since I've gone gluten-free, pizza on the menu has gotten a bit more complicated.  I thought I could get away with making my own personal size crusts and then making a "family pizza" for everyone else.  Not so much.  That didn't fly with the Wee-Ones who then wanted their own pizza's too.  OK, we can do that.

So, now when we have pizza, it's a make-your-own pizza adventure.  Everyone gets their own blob of dough to make their own pizza, and everyone is happy.  Usually.  Until you tell MMan to quit eating the dough or GGirl that she can't have anymore cheese.  Then if it's too close to dinner time, the adventure heads south into Meltdown Land.  But, we've gotten it down to a pretty quick science and the kids often eat more, because they made it.  Win!

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