Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Walk in the Garden

In the midst of a very full summer, I finally caught an evening when the G-Tot was settled in bed before I ran out of energy and I was able to take a stroll with the camera to catch some of my yard and garden to share.

One of my favorite things this summer is this fantastic hanging pot that was gifted to my husband.  A local farm grows these and they're gorgeous and it really hangs almost four feet.  With all my purple hostas in bloom - it's one of my favorite views right now.

On the vegetable front, I have the most beautiful broccoli I've ever grown:

We're picking green beans by the bucket load every two days (ok, its a 2 quart bucket):

It also looks like it's going to be a great year for tomatoes in our garden too!  I am so excited but don't want to count my tomatoes before they're ripe.

Things are great in our yard this year.  How's your garden growing?

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  1. I love your garden Sara, and the fact that so far this year you are winning and not the wildlife.