Sunday, November 30, 2014

O Christmas Tree

Today we took a trek after church to find our Christmas tree. GGirl was on a mission to find the perfect tree.  MMan just wanted to try out the saw.  GGirl found the perfect tree and we trundled it home. (Thanks, Baxter's Tree Farm!)

While MMan napped we set it up and started decorating.  I sat on the couch handing ornament after ornament to GGirl, telling her stories that accompanied the memories we were hanging on the tree.  Later as I stepped to the other side of the room, I realized that this is the year of the "front and center" tree.  The year when the kids are big enough to help, and all the ornaments end up front and center on the tree.  :)

We also brought out the Christmas stories and Little People Nativity set.  Both are favorites and GGirl and MMan enjoyed the reunion.

A wonderful way to begin Advent.

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