Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The Cost of a Clear Day

The river valley where we live sees as many cloudy days as Seattle.  In the winter it is dreary and it gets old.  My psyche still longs for the 360 days of sun a year that we had during our time in Colorado and Southern California.  On the occasion that we have a clear day, we pay for it in temperatures.

I've enjoyed my morning walks because it gives me a sense of accomplishment first thing in the morning for having dragged myself out for the walk before 8am,   a sense of strength that comes from completing a physical challenge (drive up my hill, you'll see what I mean!) and it feels good to know that for 38 mintues in the morning, I get to take care of me, before meeting the demands needs of my children and getting caught up in the tasks of the day.

But when the temperature drops, it was not as enjoyable.  And by "temperature drop" I mean the nostril-freezing, crunchy coat cold.  I often opted out of the cold morning walks mostly because I didn't have good cold weather gear.  That changed this week.  A friend gifted me an REI gift card that was converted into thick fleece running pants and SmartWool socks.

This morning I walked.  My face was cold, but the rest of me was warm and I'll have a better day for it.

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