Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Garden's Gaining Steam

This year I really have not put much energy into my garden.  I've put in seeds and plants, offered up a hope and a prayer and just hope to end up with produce.  I started the season with great energy as I planned and prepared my early bed.  Our tomatoes were even more of an experiment as I planed two under the cover of my early bed and HandyMan had two in the wall-of-water type protectors.  Both are doing great - although the two in the water walls needed stakes right away after the walls were removed.  I am totally thrilled with the progress on these tomatoes - we have blossoms already  I'm hoping to have tomatoes to pick before August this year!

In order to stagger my tomato crops, I planted the rest of my tomatoes a week and a half ago.  They look so tiny!

My hills of squash are looking well and we should have strawberries ready within the week!

My early green beans are thriving too:

So far so good!  The rain we've been getting regularly is helping too!  How is your garden doing?

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  1. Missing my garden, hoping that Pat takes pictureas and sends them to me so I I can see how the garden grows. I will have to try covers next year with tomatoes.