Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sunday Sunshine

Practicing contentment by remembering thegraces of the week and practicing gratitude through giving.

I am having so much fun this Christmas season, seeing all of the little wonders of of the season through the eyes of my favorite three year old.  From the "Mommy, Cwissmiss wights!" every time we're out after dark to the excitement when she examines each and every Christmas tree she sees.  She's not made the Santa connection at all, and we're not pushing it.  

This season also brings lights to  our "Christmas tree" and as snow settles on top, it is one of my favorite winter scenes.  

Fresh peanut brittle, homemade caramels and lunch with friends were also highlights of this week.  I'm so thankful for doctors we like and access to good medical care.  Both are such a blessing.

I was also blessed to be part of our Christ's Bounty program at our church.  We provided 90 families with food boxes and the parents of about 50 kids with gently used clothes and toys to help out with their Christmases.  The many volunteers and donations from around the country make this event possible and the recipients were so thankful.  

It has been a week full of blessings.  I hope the joy and peace of the Christmas season surround you this coming week and that you can count your blessings among the busyness of the season.

Every desirable and beneficial gift comes out of heaven. The gifts are rivers of light cascading down from the Father of Light.” (James 1:16 -The Message) May the light of the Father brighten your week!

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