Wednesday, December 7, 2011

December Musings

Life has been full.  I thought things would calm down once the dust settled from the flood this fall.  It didn't.  It only seemed to speed up.  November brought precious family moments and time with friends and visits from some of GTot's aunts, uncles, and grandma.  Thanksgiving rushed upon us and I did precious little cooking for Thanksgiving - I let HandyMan and his brother and do most of it.  It was quite a break - and a treat.

The beginning of Advent came right on heels of Thanksgiving, as it always does, and so begins our Christmas season.  I've begun making Christmas candies- good news!  Now they have to last until Christmas - bad news!   I'm working on the post to share the recipe for some amazing praline caramels that I made on Monday. I'm also working on a book review of a precious children's book that has become a regular in our reading list. 

Life is full.  We are blessed.  May joy, peace and love fill your Advent season.

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