Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I Got A Desk Today

As I've mentioned before, I work from home.  I have a corner of the house that is mine.  I go to my corner and hide to work.  I set up my Corner Office in January so I could set up my second monitor.  Being the "make do with what I have" girl, I made do with a TV tray and a shelf.  And it worked, until I couldn't take the incongruous surfaces anymore.  Then I ordered a desk.

The desk came today.  I had scheduled time on Friday for HandyMan to help me.  When the UPS guy showed up with my desk right after MMan crashed for an afternoon nap, impatience won. 

I busted into the box and figured I'd let GGirl help.  4 year old attention span and furniture assembly - you can see where this is going can't you.

Things started off well.  She would hand me the screws.  I assembled.  About 3 screws in I thought that tracking down the drill might be a good idea.

About 20 minutes into assembly:  "Oh, Mommy, I just love to dance in your empty corner!"  I should have gotten the drill.

30 minutes into assembly:  "Mommy,  why are you putting that piece there?" While hanging on the arm that I was using to wrestle a screw through a metal desk leg and into the wood.
"GGirl, please don't hang on Mommy."
Boy am I glad that MMan is still napping.  I really should go find the drill.

45 minutes into assembly:  "Mommy, I just love your new tabl - ooh, this my favorite song from my special music!"
"You should go in the green room and listen to it and dance."
Yes, definitely be distracted by something not in the precariously stacked corner of the house right now.

Three minutes of jamming out to the kiddie station on Pandora and I hear her coming back.
"GGirl, can you tell me what time it is?"
"No, I don't have my watch on."
"Can you read the numbers on the stove for me?"
"Yup.  Three four six. I can keep track of time for you!"
"That sounds like a fantastic idea!"
That and the music will keep her busy while I finis...

"Mommy!  It's three four seven!  Are you done yet?!"
"Almost.  Only a couple more pieces."
Really, almost done.  Last piece.  What do you mean the last, flimsiest piece of the whole thing takes seven screws!  You've got to be kiddi...

"Mommy!  It's three four eight!  Ooh, I like your table.  Are you done yet?"
"No, I still have to put these screws in."
"I will hold them for you in my hand.  I won't lose them, I promise."
Two screws in, five to go.
"Mommy, I don't want to hold them.  I'll just sit them right here."
"Okie dokie, G."
"Mommy, I'm hungry.

And so went the assembly of the desk.  Now, when you look at the before and after, you may have flashbacks to the kids books where you have to compare the two pictures to find the difference.  While it may not seem like much of an improvement to my four by 6 foot work area, when sitting in my little corner office, it is a huge difference!  And while waiting until Friday when I had extra hands may have been a better idea, I would have missed out on the many many joys of having GGirl be part of the action.

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