Thursday, April 11, 2013

Motivators & Alien Abduction

Yesterday was rough.  Somewhere between MOPs and home an alien from Planet Obstinatecrabbypants abducted GGirl and took her place.

Today, motivated by lack of sleep and low patience levels, I did something I rarely do: I negotiated with my four-year-old with candy.  Hey, my management classes taught me to find out what motivates employees, same principles can apply to children and GGirl is highly motivated by special treats.  We counted out 10 Reeses Pieces into a cup and discussed which choices got her treats and which ones got me treats, and went about the morning. 

HandyMan took over for a bit so I could work on the lack of sleep thing.  When I came back downstairs GGirl asked for her special treats. I explained the negotiations to HandyMan and asked if she had lost any of the candies.  After some discussion it was determined she had lost three.  Then HandyMan sheepishly admitted that he had eaten the candies while he was cleaning up the kitchen.  So we counted out 7 more Reeses Pieces and the day went on peacefully.  Until clean-up time.

I asked her to clean up.  No response.  I told her that if I had to ask again I was going to eat one of her candies.  She came over to inspect the candy dish. "Mommy, you can eat them.  I only want 4 so I will clean up when there are 4 left. 

I ate three.  She cleaned up. 

And somewhere in all of it the Alien returned my GGirl.

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