Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Story Of A Blue Ball

On Monday HandyMan rescued a large blue ball from the brush on the far side of our creek.  It has beenthe center of much play since then.  The girls had a grand time with it when he found it.  Tuesday he and GGirl played lots of volleyball with it and Wednesday GGirl and I had volleyball, soccer, and fetch going in the back yard.  Flowers blooming, bird singing, children playing happily...

Until the breeze turned fiesty and tossed the ball I to the waiting creek.  GGirl was quite upset by the development.  She saw that the ball was caught in a small pool in the creek and "Mommy, we have to get my ball!"  So with one eye on MMan,  I rolled up my jeans, tossed my sandals and headed into the creek.  As I ducked under our bridge and carefully made my way towards the ball, I had one eye on an MMan who was now interested in what was going on in the creek and one eye on the ball.  I began navigating the slippery rocks towards the ball.  Then the ball freed itself from the little pool and meandered further down-creek, just as MMan decided it was time to come trucking down the hill.  So I hauled -er -myself out of the creek, intercepted MMan just as he barrelled over our flimsy excuse for fense, which is intended only to stop toys, not baby boys on a mission, and hiked it back up the hill. 

And turned to talk to a very sad GGirl.   I explained that maybe she and daddy could go on an adventure and try to find the ball later.  After dinner when we looked down the creek, an unnaturally blue orb was caught in the creek just below our house.  SuperDaddy scaled down the bank, braved the creek, retrieved the Blue Ball and returned it to one very happy little girl.  All without getting his sneakers wet. 

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