Thursday, May 30, 2013

Girly Nails!

GGirl has a streak of girly-girl. I may have encouraged that when the reward for good potty training days a couple years ago was painted toe nails. I very rarely do my fingernails because it doesn't last long and it's messy. My toes usually get their "summer painting" in the late spring. More recently I've become aware of all the unnecessary toxins in our world, so I'm trying to kick those out where ever I can. Recently I was introduced to nail wraps. I'm so out of the loop on new beauty trends, but I like this one! A direct sales company called Jamberrysells nail wraps that are heat and pressure activated finger/toe nail stickers. The are billed as non-toxic: bonus! I put a sample wrap on at the party and gave it a few days of dishes, bath times, batch cooking, diapers, etc. I was pleasantly surprised when it stayed on and looked good the whole time. No chipping! So, I order some French Tips and swirly summer fun wraps for me and GGirl picked out ladybug wraps. GGirl'swraps went on over an episode of Neverland Pirates (including a no-complaint nail trimming!) and mine took about a half hour. We'll let you know how they hold up. There are tomatos to be planted, laundry to be hung, dishes, cooking, playing in the dirt and so much more to test these pretty nails out. (If you're intrigued and interested in ordering let me know, I'm thinking about doing a catalog/online party.)

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