Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Cookie Dough Conflict

The other day GGirl and I made cookies.  It had been a while and she was very excited.  She was particularly antsy to lick the beater off (surprise, surprise.)  So, she stood at the sink licking off the beater while I portioned dough for the oven and the freezer.  When the bowl was empty, I took the spatula and started in on the dregs of dough in the bowl.  GGirl,  with her tongue still twisted up in the beater headed over to get her mits on the bowl too.  I kindly explained that she got to lick the beater and I get to lick the bowl.  She continued to try to weasel her little fingers into the dough saying something about how much she "loved special treats".  As I pulled the bowl away from her grabby little fingers for the third time I muttered, under my breath,  something along the lines of "I'll special treat you."  To which she replied without missing a beat and with an inflection of attitude that she is way too young to be demonstrating:  "Any day! Any time!"

After picked my jaw up off the floor, I asked her what she meant.  Her tone back to the happy four-year-old: "Special treats any day any time mommy, 'cuz I just love special treats!"

Ok.  Got it.  Phew.

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