Monday, May 20, 2013

World's Apart

We've spent the last two weeks in a home-of-my-heart: Southwest Colorado.  Friends who loved us, before HandyMan and I were an "us" and certainly before we even entertained thoughts of children pulled our children into the rivers of friendship that run deep and the swells of joy, laughter and camaraderie. Over two weeks we embraced the thinner, clearer air.  We soaked up the sunshine.  We absorbed the presence of friends who we only see once every few years.  Our feet walked paths of memories through trails of our past.  Face-to-face time with 'co-workers' who I talk to almost every day, but haven't seen since I started the job almost 3 years ago.  I watched GGirl run around the grounds at camp, fascinated by all the space, campfires, golf carts.  Time with my parents in a home-of-my-heart.

It is such an amazing blessing to step back in stride with friends who we've been apart from.  It was a very blessed two weeks.  Photos and stories to come.

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