Monday, August 26, 2013

Punch Buggy Purple

Today was our Sitster's birthday.  She introduced GGirl to the Punch Buggy game, which was followed by the Bruiser Criuser game.  No one is safe from the slugs that come when those two types of vehicles are sighted.

For her birthday, it only seemed fitting to give her a punch buggy. The base was layered icecream cake with coffee and chocolate icecream.  The car was carved out of chocolate cake and butter cream frosting. 

After looking at a lot of other folks VW Bug cakes [that look much more professional], here's how it's done by an amateur:

Start with a round cake and cut it in half for two semi-circles.  Fuse them together with butter cream frosting just like you would a layer cake.  If I were doing it again, I would chill the cake thoroughly at this point.  Stand the cake up in the flat edge.  Carve out the windshield and hood.  Carve away a little along the bottom to give the appearance of aome clearance.   Frost that Buggy.  I you happen realize that you have no idea how to do the windows, and all of your frosting is, say-purple, throw some cocoa powder in some of the leftover frosting and call them "tinted windows."  Open up two chocolate sandwich cookies and throw them on for wheels and voila!  A VW Punch Bug Cake.

Serve it up to your favorite almost-seventeen-year-old with a slug in the arm and enjoy a yummy treat!

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