Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dish Towel Bib: The Utilitarian Version

bibs1My beautiful two year old loves meal time, enjoys her food and is learning quickly how to use her fork and spoon.  She usually does pretty well but, she is only two and still learning.  Those cute little bibs we used when she first started wielding a spoon are just not cutting it anymore.  I googled something along the lines of "dish towel bib" and looked through a few different blogs with directions and here's what I came away with.  I wish I could credit said blogs, but I didn't book mark them, and can't remember the exact search terms I used - oops!

As stated in the title, this is the utilitarian version of the dish towel bib.  There are lots of other, more creative people out there who better coordinate their materials.  I was more concerned with protecting my daughters clothes.

bibs2Materials: For materials you will need an old bib, dish towels, extra wide double fold bias tape, velcro, sheet of paper and thread.  I used a combination of dish towels I had and some that I picked up at our local DollarTree (love that place!)  Make sure to wash the new towels before you cut and sew them.  The waffle weave towels in particular shrink a lot!

Pattern: To make the pattern, I folded a bib in half and traced it onto a folded piece of paper.  Then, when I cut out the neck hole, I cut about 1/4 inch larger than the traced line.bibs3

Put it Together: Cut on the neck hole out of the towel and then cut the fold apart at the spot that will be the back of the neck.  Pin the bias tape on the cut edges of the towel and sew in place.  Sew velcro in place to close the bib in the back.  Ta-da! Done.

It took me about an hour and a half to whip out 9 of these.  That will be enough to cover mealtimes, finger painting, helping mom cook, etc.

bibs5 bibs7

And see how much more coverage we get from our old white bib and the new towel bib:

bibs4 bibs6

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