Friday, February 11, 2011

Freezer Friday & Batch Cooking

freezerfridaysm When I laid out my freezer cooking and batch cooking Plan for the month, I knew it was just a plan.  Due to varying schedules and things that come up, I knew things would be shuffled and changed.

Such is the story of this weeks menu.  I had intended to make Chicken and Dumplings.  Then I realized I had potatoes that I needed to use and hadn't made Chicken Pot Pie yet this winter.  So on Monday I made the freezer version of this recipe.  The ingredients remain the same, the order of cooking is what changes.

I cooked up the broth, chicken and all the veggies in the crock pot.  Then I divided out the veggies into three containers.  One for the oven and two for the freezer.  I added the cream of chicken and a can of water to the dish headed for the oven and dropped biscuits on top once the base got bubbly.  I sent the other two containers to the freezer.  When it's time to cook them, they'll get matched up with cream of chicken, a bit of water and biscuit dough.  I cut the potatoes a little on the big side since they tend to break down in the freezer, but the rest of the mixture will hold up well.

I also mixed up an amazing batch of Cranberry Orange Bread.  Two loaves, one to MOPs, one here at home.  They barely lasted three days.  All that remain are crumbs!  I think I have another bag of cranberries in the freezer.  If I can find them, I'll be making this again!  I left the nuts out, used half white whole wheat and put a glaze on the top.  It was absolutely delicious!

Up on the Batch Cooking Menu for next week: Chicken Stuffing Casserole, Minestrone and since our temperatures are back in the single digits, probably some baked goods!

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  1. Sounds real yummy, we made your ham and cheese rolls the other day and Don said they taste just like pizza pockets. Hopeing to make some for the frezzer this weekend.