Thursday, February 24, 2011

Why Blog?

The last two weeks have been very full in my life.  I find that as things get busy, blogging is my first pastime that gets kicked to the curb.  In this most recent bout of scheduling overload, I found myself wanting to blog about the Minestrone soup that turned out wonderful, or the new alphabet matching game that I devised to keep GBaby working on her letters.  But the thought of finding the time to write up the said blogs, just added to my stress.

I enjoy processing life through writing.  I love being able to come back to my own posts to find my favorite recipes and see what was on the menu this time last year when I run out of ideas.   I love being able to share shortcuts I've found in my own kitchen experience.  Looking through garden posts from previous seasons encourages me that Spring will be here soon enough.

For now, life is full.  As seasons change in life, on the calendar and such, please forgive the sporadic frequency of new posts.  That's life.

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  1. Time for a voice activated word processor?