Thursday, April 5, 2012

Dyed Egg-Shell Seed Starters

Last weekend I saw this idea for re-purposing egg shells and containers for seed starters.  G-Girl is three and old enough to get the hang of plants growing and all that jazz.  So I saved our egg shells this week.  Then, because dying eggs is fun, I decided we'd dye the shells for the planters while we were dying our Easter eggs.  I pulled out four packets of flower seeds that have been sitting in my gardening bin for too long and we gave them new homes.

We found that a baby-spoon was the perfect size for little hands to fill the eggs with soil:

Then, the my Favorite Helper/BabySitter would put the seeds in.  When G-Girls attention span waned, I used a teaspoon to fill them up a little faster and then G-Girl topped them off once the seeds were in.  Since watering needed to be done at a slow pace since we were working with such a little space, a sippy-cup without a valve was the perfect tool:

As you can tell, I have a very serious gardener in the making!

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