Thursday, April 19, 2012

Mommy Made It: Binky Leashes & Tags

G-Girl was a binky baby.  She figured out how to get them out of the binky leashes we had pretty early on.  I saw this post last week and got inspired.  I grabbed my fabric store coupons and G-Girl and I went shopping.  G-Girl picked out the ribbon, with much deliberation: there were a few different monkey options. I grabbed the ribbon and the clips, added the brown fabric from my stash and got to work.  The finished product: 

We used the Soothie binkies which G-girl loved, and we were fine with them.   Until she dropped them.  Then they roll and hide under furniture, into corners and all over the place.  Then we would mutter phrases that are not repeatable and join in the crying with the angry infant.  I had forgotten about these ordeals until the Little Guy I babysit came with the same binkies.  And I remembered.  I decided to try to figure out a solution before Itty Bitty gets here.  I made little tags that attach - they're about 3 inches square, and will hopefully prevent the disastrous rolling as well as making the semi-translucent binkies easier to find!

So, here's my stash.  We'll have leashes for the car seats and a couple extras.  When they get grubby, they can go in a lingerie bag in the washer.  What's not to like?

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