Monday, March 14, 2011

Kickin' Back Creativity: English Muffins

My kitchen creativity has been limited lately.  I enjoy playing in the kitchen, but the time consuming projects have been tabled a lot lately since my little helper, is a little less than helpful.  Usually by the time I have space to play, I'm ready to kick back.  Tonight I combined kicking back with the creativity.  I queued up the Netflix and set up camp by the stove to make this English Muffin recipe I stumbled across and wanted to try.

They turned out great!  They are so much softer and the nooks & crannies are finer than in the store-bought English Muffins.  I think that we will be having the best egg sandwiches ever for breakfast tomorrow!  Or maybe with cream cheese and Strawberry Jam, or just butter, or ... oh well, the possibilities are endless!

Here are a few of my own tips:

:: I used half unbleached flour and half white whole wheat.

:: Keep the heat under your pan on low to medium-low so that they will cook thoroughly but not burn.

:: Once the dough had risen, I dumped it out onto the board with corn meal and pressed it out as gently as possible.

:: I flipped the muffins with my fingers, very gently so they wouldn't "fall".

:: Use the edges of dough after you've cut out your muffins to test the heat in the pan (and to taste test of course - they were really good with sliced cheese!)

This was not a hard recipe, just a little time consuming on the cooking end.  I saw some comments on the King Arthur Flour site about baking them in the oven and flipping them part way through.  I may try this next time and think it may work on a baking stone pre-heated in the oven.


  1. I LOVE home-made English muffins, and since I realized how easy they are, I haven't bought any! Great tip about using the dough ends to test the pan; I will do that next time instead of forming them into a misshapen lump of English muffin;)

  2. These look yummy, I need to avoid cleaning a closet, these might be the perfect reason. :)