Thursday, March 31, 2011

Forcing Spring

Spring cannot seem to get its act together here in Central NY.  In fact, just as we were starting to be able to see earth and dormant grass instead of snow, we got another 7 inches on Friday.  Such a sad, cruel April Fools joke!

I was chatting with a friend who lives farther north than me and she started talking about having fresh forsythia in her house.  I was shocked - how on earth could she have fresh flowers already, she was farther north than me!  Then she let me in on the secret she picked up from her mom and grandmother: you force the little suckers into blooming!

I was sold!  I had seen this post last week at Happy Clipping$ about reclaiming jars and making them pretty with a little mod-podge and scrap booking paper and embellishments.  So on my perfect day I sneaked away from G-Girl long enough to mod-podge the jars and went out in the drizzle-sleet-nasty-cold and chopped off a bunch of forsythia ends.  I stuck them all in water and left the house for 2 days.

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