Friday, April 1, 2011

A Perfect Day

Yesterday was a perfect day.  It started with G-Girl snuggling in and watching cartoons with me while HandyMan made me breakfast.  I got a full breakfast of biscuits, bacon, eggs and hollandaise served up to me with OJ and coffee.  On the side, a gift certificate for a pedicure.  So whenever spring decides to show up (or July, whichever comes first) I get a bit of pampering and pretty toes!

Breakfast was followed by some fun crafty time, instead of dishes.  Then came some kick-up-my-feet time.  I was able work on a bunch of blog posts that have been hanging out on my camera and in my head.  Lots of fun things getting posted next week- stay tuned!

A leisurely shower and we were off for a quick get-away.  I only had to pack and gather my stuff and ride along.  Dinner was wonderfully prepared by HandyMan's mom and followed by yummy cheesecake.  After G-girl gave into sleep, we played some games and nibbled on an amazing dessert called a Chocoalte Dome from a local gourmet bakery.  The icing on the cake - no, not the chocolate glaze on the dome, although that was amazing! - the big winter storm predicted for our area was a big April Fools joke on the weathermen and we are again on track for spring!

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