Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Reworking a Decent Idea

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Signs of spring are starting to show in our area - my crocuses are blooming and my daffodils are starting to bud out.  Ok, one of my daffodils is starting to bud.  The rest are still held by the grips of winter.  My little mascot daffodil is embracing the tiny threads of spring that we keep getting.

I discovered, after a day of high winds, that the hoop covering for my early bed needs additional reinforcements.   The wind caught hold of the sheeting and twisted it up and threw it in the yard like a dirty shirt, dragging the hula hoop structure with it.  I'm thinking that I need to come up with deeper stakes to attach the hoops to.  I'm open to any ideas!

Fortunately, I had only put in spinach seeds to date, so there weren't any little broccoli plants to face the demolition.

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  1. Is it funny that i get sad when a bulb is done blooming? I just noticed that all my crocus flowers have disapeared into the dirt and leave the green grass reminants...my dafadills are blooming & tulips are just beginning....but the fact i have to wait another year to see the crocus again is just sad to me! Thanks for sharing yours! xoxo, tracie

  2. What a bout tent stakes?

  3. If you don't have wood to attach the pvc pipe to, digging the ends in deeper is a good solution. I've had a lot of wind problems, too...