Saturday, April 2, 2011

ThrivingMama's Mission of the Month: April

Mission of the Month

This month I stumbled across Mama Jenn's Monthly Mission Of The Month posts.  It's kind of like an accountability circle to set goals for the month and report on the accomplishments.  I am currently surrounded by unfinished projects, un-written goals and general mayhem.  There is a two year old in the house after all.  Ok - no more using the toddler for an excuse.  Here's what I hope to get done this month:

Inside: Spring Cleaning

I know myself better than to think that I'll get the whole house deep cleaned.  My goal is to get four areas of the house deep cleaned and get rid of all the winter dust and cob-webs.

Outside: Garden

This year I am trying something different with my garden.  I have gotten the materials to set up one of my raised beds with a cover and plant some crops that I hope to get in early.  If the weather holds and night time temperatures stay above 27, I hope to get this bed set up an planted around the middle of the month.


I have a half a dozen blogs started here in my software or in my head.  I would like to get 8 posts up this month of projects that I'm working on and want to share.

Charity's Candles

Charity's Candles (one of my WAHM projects) goes into hibernation after Christmas.  It is time for that little bear to start waking up. It is my goal to get my inventory replenished to restock for one craft show coming up and one retail location as well as a special order that's come in for a baby shower.

I'm looking forward to seeing how many of my missions I can tackle and complete!


  1. Thanks for linking up Sara! I could have...probably should have...added some of the same things that you have listed to my own list! :-) I just took a break from dusting and cleaning to hop on my computer! :-) That is so fun that you do craft shows. When I was young, my mom did alot of craft shows and it was always fun for me to walk around and look at the different items for sale while she was busy selling!

  2. Sounds about the same as my internal list, although none of those are on my mission of the month post. :)

    I hope you get some great crops! I hope to get some gardening in at the beginning of May. It still gets way too cold here at night I think.

    Have a great week!

  3. Hi! I followed you over from Mama Jenn's blog! Your goals look very do-able. I love your garden plans. I'm itching to get my fingers in the dirt again. DH was supposed to build some cold frames for this spring, but it didn't happen . . . I'm curious to see how your covered raised bed goes.

  4. I love your goals for a garden. I keep toying with the idea of gardening but we have beach sand in our yard, we're moving soon, and I have been known to kill aloe plants (LOL). Maybe next year when we are all settled I can do it as part of our homeschooling lessons.

    And I just bought some candles from your site. I can't wait to get them.