Friday, April 8, 2011

Clean Kitchen!

Spring cleaning is a sporadic activity in my house.  I'm not one of those folks who enjoys cleaning.  If there's one household task where I cut as many corners as possible, it's cleaning.  So today was HandyMan's day off from work and he had invited some folks over for dinner so I declared it cleaning morning.  I busted out my master cleaning list, added a few more things to it and we got down to work.  The kitchen and down stairs bathroom were targets of our buckets, brooms, and rags.  HandyMan gets full credit for the bathroom.  I was busy cutting corners in cleaning up the living room.

Then we all got to work in the kitchen.  While some believe in "keeping it real", I'm  not going to subject you to "before" shots of my nasty kitchen.  Here are my helpers at work:

We cleaned counters, appliances, cabinet fronts, and even under the fridge and stove.  It's sparkling clean, and has stayed that way for almost 5 hours now.

We'll see if I can maintain it -  at least for a couple days.

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  1. I think the little helper is the cutest thing!