Saturday, April 16, 2011

Saturday's Pertinent Posts

I have a number of blogs that feed into my Google Reader.  Those blogs often link to other blogs and I end up with all kinds of ideas in inspirations.  Some speak to me as a mom, others as a home manager and others are just fun.  Here are a few of the posts that I found pertinent for my world this week.  Maybe there's something here that will help you out too!

:: I love the printables at 1+1+1=1 and this week Carisa posted some cute Birthday Printables.

:: What Megan's Making always inspires me.  Now I'm just waiting for a good excuse to make this amazing looking Dark Chocolate Cake with Hot Chocolate Frosting.

:: Life as Mom linked up a bunch of frugal meals as part of an Eat Well, Spend Less series.   I garnered lots of ideas for my summer menus.  I love this kind of help in the meal planning department!

As it would be, I can't find the link to the most helpful blog of the week in our house... so stay tuned and I'll summarize it for you here in a couple days!

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