Saturday, February 18, 2012

February Granola & Yogurt

I'm not sure what it is about the end of February that brings on the cravings for granola and yogurt.  Maybe it's the months on end of bleak, cold weather and the desire for something that fosters thoughts of warm spring and summer days.  And this year, I think part of it is the need for a fridge full of yogurt to fight the side effects of all the antibiotics that have been part of our (yes, all three of us) daily routines for the last couple of weeks.  

So, on this chilly, cloudy Saturday morning, Granola's now cooling on the stove and milk for Yogurt is cooling in the sink.   I LOVE that my daughter loves plain, unsweetened yogurt.  I also love that I can net 5 quarts of yogurt for about $4.50. ($1.99/quart of Dannon for starter, $2.15/gallon of whole milk)  Thanks for the kitchen lessons from a young age Mom!

And if your family isn't into *plain*, Life As Mom had a great post on how to doctor the plain yogurt and get  great knock offs of your family's favorites from the dairy aisle.

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