Friday, February 12, 2010

Yummiest Homemade Yogurt

I take a break from Freezer Friday this week as we are working on eating what we have and not "stock-piling".

Instead, to satisfy my cravings for warm summery things, I've been on a yogurt and granola kick.  I had bought really good Stonyfield Farm plain yogurt.  GBaby loves the stuff and I had been reading some tips on making better yogurt.  With the following modification on my original yogurt recipe.

1. Cooling Milk - To start, I brought the milk to 185 degrees per normal, then poured it directly into jars.  Then I put the jars in the kitchen sink and ran cool (not cold) water into the sink around the jars.  I let the milk cool down for about 20 minutes to 80-90 degrees.t

2.  Starter - I put the starter directly from the fridge to the jar, and just dropped the heaping tablespoon(s) into the jars.

3.  Incubation - I kept a closer eye on it and only left it in the warm box for about 5 hours, not letting it get warmer than about 105 degrees.

The finished yogurt was absolutely wonderful, rich and creamy.  There was not even a hint of tartness.  It is particularly yummy alongside the Apple Cinnamon Granola Bars and Blueberry Almond Granola (which I will post soon).

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