Tuesday, February 23, 2010


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A while ago while surfing the internet I came across a post about uses for the stacks of flannel receiving blankets leftover once an infant outgrows them.  Since GBaby outgrew those blankets by the time she was about 4 days old, I had a stack that needed new uses.

There are a lot of things that you can do with the fabric from these blankets. If you have another baby waiting in the wings, they can be turned into cute burp-cloths.  If you're a quilter, you can piece them together into new, larger blankets (this will be one of my March projects with my Season of Lent non-cooking time).  If you're a mom and your kiddo has a drippy nose and will let you use a cloth, but not paper tissue: you make Girl-Kerchiefs.

1.  Cut blanket in quarters

2. Zig-Zag or serge raw edges (I have a nifty little serger attachment that I got for about $20 that attaches to the arm of my sewing machine which worked great for this project)

3. Fold and keep handy for drippy noses.

This project is so easy and can reduce a little bit of waste.  And they're cute for your little girl to boot!


Do you have a fun re-use for flannel receiving blankets?  Link up your project on our Sewing Show and Tell home post!

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