Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Introducing The Domino Projects

Have you ever started a quick project only to have it domino into a much bigger line of projects than you had planned?  We are in the middle of such a line of projects.

We are blessed to have a house that is more than enough house for two adults and one (soon to be two) small children.  But the designer (and I use that term loosely) of our house made some floor plan decisions that I would not have made had I been around when the house was built.  But I wasn't here so we're modifying as we go and we seem to be constantly working to make the space work for us.

Rewind to Spring 2011. Our house was perfect for our little family of three.  We could all sit at the counter in the kitchen for meals in the cold seasons and usually ate out on the screened in porch as soon as it was warm enough.  We have plenty of room in bedrooms and all was good.  Then we started talking about expanding our family.  Family dinners are important to us and if our family grew, we would no longer fit around the counter.  So we started exploring our options for expanding an eat-in kitchen area.

We knew the job was more than we wanted to do ourselves so last spring we accessed some inheritance funds and hired a contractor to do the work while we were away (best choice we could have made!)  So this little project was the start of the Domino Projects.  We only had the contractors do the basic work and we did the finish work.  I painted and then we began preparing for flooring. While we saved up, HandyMan worked to put leveling strips out to prepare for flooring (using wood pieces he had around in the garage) and we started saving.  We thought putting the flooring would be the finish of the project.  Little did I realize it was the beginning of the Domino Projects.

The Domino Projects are a series of projects that are in my head to maximize the space we have in our home to create the best storage and inviting floor space.  I'm working to utilize what we have in the house already and spend as little as possible.  I am so excited to see how it all turns out so follow along, get ideas and make the most of your space.

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