Tuesday, May 15, 2012

2012: The Darwin Garden

This year I have to say, my head's not really in the gardening game.  With the arrival of Itty Bitty 6 weeks-ish away, my brain is on other things and my body is not into the idea of bending and digging and the work that is involved.  It's a good thing I have some helpers!  Since my Littlest Helper loves her tomatoes and green beans, she's excited to be part of the garden process this year.

I take minimal credit for getting the garden in.  In fact, I was on a conference call while HandyMan and Big Girl did most of the work.  So this year, the garden will have to survive the weather, likely neglectful watering (or over-zealous toddler watering), minimal weeding, and the ambitious harvesting of a 3-year-old.   It's the year of the Darwin Garden: may the fittest survive!

Last year's early beds worked out well.  So this year, the tomatoes are out early, enjoying life in their "tent" as Big Girl called it.

Clearly, dancing barefoot in the beds before you plant them makes them extra ready to grow lots of good things!  Seeing your footprints in the fresh turned dirt is pretty fun too.  If you're 3.

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