Monday, March 25, 2013


Tonight as I was getting dinner ready GGirl called out from the window "Mommy, our friends from MOPs are out there doing something!"  Because a lot of my MOPs (Mothers of Preschoolers) friends had been posting on Facebook of similar happenings in their yards, I knew what was up:  We were being egged. I shooed GGirl away from the window while I went out to say "hi" to the Ninja Egging Team. 

GGirl was so excited.  She got her fleece and hat on in record time and off she went.  She was particularly thrilled with the pink egg. 

The MOPs group I attend is about thirty-five minutes away from our home.  The gals who organize it are awesome!  Especially the Ninja Leader who took on the expedition into the boonies to egg us.  I sure hope her GPS didn't bring her UP our hill!  Thanks for including us!

**The note left behind read "You've been egged!  There are 12 eggs hidden in your yard.  Enjoy the hunt, but don't be discouraged when you find the empty egg.  It us a simple reminder of Jesus' empty tomb.  He is risen!"**

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