Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Sitting.  For a quick second anyway.  It's one if those days that the kids woke up wired for sound and ready to go, and I woke up with a headache and just wanted to go back to bed and call in sick.   But alas, not an option, so I suck it up and reach for the coffee.

As I'm avoiding anything that requires too much movement, I skim an email that reminds me I've committed baked goods for a meeting tomorrow.  YES! An excuse to bake.  So I skim some recipes, get MMan down for a nap and get a shower.  Between the shower and coffee I'm able to view the world with a little less throbbing.

Baking, lunch for GGirl and me, and no sooner do I settle GGirl in for some quiet time and kick my feet up does the happy chatter begin to bubble from the monitor.  MMan woke up happy, and is playing happily in his crib while I work on grocery lists and menus.

Looking at the calendar reminds me that in 5 short weeks we will be in one of our favorite places in the country.   I can't wait!

Babbling is turning into complaints.  Blog, grocery list and menu are done.  Time to get up and go. 

P.S.  I put GGirl to bed in her fleece footed jammies tonight.  I went to my corner to work and heard lots of movement in her room.  She didn't leave her room and I didn't really want to go looking for trouble.  When I went to check blankets, I noticed her jammies on the floor.  Curious, but not wanting to turn the light on, I grabbed my phone.  Set the camera, point, shoot and just shake my head at the results. :)

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