Friday, March 8, 2013

The Ups and Down Of Life

Preface:  Yesterday while cleaning the bathroom HandyMan came across a rubber ducky that was hosting mold and had outlived it's time in our bathtub.  We sent it discreetly to the large trash bin outside knowing that it would not be missed if attention was not drawn to its departure.

Today: After vacuuming the living room HandyMan went to empty the bag.  (Yup, he's getting lots of kudos in the cleaning department this week!)  GGirl was fascinated by this process and asked if she could go with him to put the full vacuum bag in the trash bin.  Sure, he says.  Out the front door they go.  35 seconds later they are back and GGirl is very sad.  For as she peeked over the top of the large, rolling trash bin, she saw the ducky. 

Comments heard over the next three minutes as we navigated the "crisis" had me shedding a few tears of my own I was laughing so hard. 

HandyMan muttered something about needing caskets for toys.  GGirl professed between sobs that she "just loved that ducky."  Somwhere in there a "really cool rubber ducky" got added to today's shopping list.  And GGirl announced "that [a new ducky] would make me feel so much better, and a pink dolly too." 

Hold on just a second kid.  Now you're pushing it!

Within 5 minutes most was forgotten as her watch said it was time for her to practice flips in the living room.

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