Monday, March 4, 2013

Fighting Sleep

GGirl asks questions insessantly.  The more tired she is, the more she moves around, talks, sings snd does anything she can to keep from sleeping.  So today she's fighting a nasty cold: yucky cough and running a fever.  The works. 

Now, if I had this bug and was able, I'd be curled up in bed putting in my orders for juice and chicken soup and happy to sleep.  Heck,after the last three nights, I'd just be happy to sleep for a few hours!

Not GGirl. When instructed to nap/rest/be still, she did everything but nap/rest/be still within the confines of our little love seat.  Squirm. Talk. Sing.  Switch to the other end of the sofa and repeat.  Refuse pillow & blanket because she might get too comfortable.  Repeat squirming.  Once released from her Nap Time, the Inquisition started:  questions followed by more questions.  Followed by the fidgeting and wandering.

BUT I feed her dinner at 5:15 and have her in bed by 6:00 and she will be asleep before her head hits the pillow.  I just don't get her.

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