Monday, January 31, 2011

February Menu Plan Makeover

menuI'm really not quite sure what happened to January, or who authorized it to be February tomorrow, and so help me if that darn groundhog sees his shadow!  Ok, I digress.  Tomorrow is February- that means a new menu for the month.

This month I'm taking a different approach to our menu.  I'm spreading out my freezer cooking throughout the month (more on that later) and  have broken down the meal type by day of the week to see how it works.   My week scheme looks like this:

Monday: Crock-Pot Soup/Stew/Chili

Tuesday: Freezer Meal

Wednesday: Batch Cooking

Thursday: Planned Leftovers (enough of a meal from earlier in the week that we all have the same meal again)

Friday: Homemade Pizza

Saturday: Grab-Bag Meal (either leftovers, or meals like grilled cheese, mac & cheese or scrambled eggs that we always have on hand)

Sunday: Restaurant day (aka: pick your own leftovers)

Meals on the batch cooking list this month include Chicken and Dumplings, Burritos, Chicken Stuffing Casserole, Minestrone, Spaghetti Bake, White Bean Chili, Beef and Vegetable Soup and Spaghetti Bake.

From the freezer this month: Tortilla Soup, Ravioli Alfredo, Beef Stroganoff, Cowboy Beans, and BBQ Pulled Pork.

I'm hoping to write up some of my batch recipes after I make them.  We'll see how that works out!

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