Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday Sunshine

sundaysunshinesmPracticing contentment by remembering the graces of the week and practicing gratitude by giving.

As  I sit with my feet kicked up in a quiet, warm house and snow swirling around outside, today I am thankful for this time, for I desperately need it to refocus on what's important.  I'm thankful to have a community with which to worship on Sundays and loving nursery and Sunday School volunteers who are providing wonderful examples of kindness and love to my daughter.  I continue to be thankful that we are blessed with work.

I'm rejoicing with friends who welcomed full term twins into their family this week.  Knowing that premature births and NICU visits are common for twins, these little ones made it to 36 weeks and are expected to be discharged within three days!

GBaby continues to grow (yes, even taller) and develop (talking more and more.)  I catch myself chuckling at her antics often.  Like running up to me with the smoke detector (which I had taken down earlier when something burned in the oven) urgently pointing and saying "up! up!"  Indeed, I needed to put the smoke detector back up.  Or when I caught her trying to feed her cookie to her rubber duck, complete with munching noises and asking her ducky, very intently " 's it goo" [is it good?] as she gave it another bite.

Life is full and good and I'm glad to have a moment to adjust my view to fully appreciate all that is around me.

Every desirable and beneficial gift comes out of heaven. The gifts are rivers of light cascading down from the Father of Light.” (James 1:16 -The Message) May the light of the Father brighten your week!

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