Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Little Broccoli That Could

2010gardenSpring is slowly settling in here in central NY.  Our days are getting warmer and our evenings still chilly.  I've begun my succession plantings of spinach.  I plant 4 squares a week for 4-5 weeks.  I hope to get nice waves of fresh greens by the middle of May.

My broccoli is doing well.  The good plants are about six inches tall and sporting lots of hearty leaves.  Here's a shot of the unharmed broccoli:


Here are the stubs left from the attack of the Garden Beast.  So far my citronella invisible fence is holding and the little stubs with new leaf nubs have had a chance to grow.  They are only a couple inches high but seem like they're going to make it.

tufbroc4About eight of the plants, weren't so lucky and I'll have to replace them.  I've poured more citronella chunks to place around my other garden beds as I continue to plant.


  1. Our broccoli are still in the house waiting for planting next month. I'll learn from you on how to protect them!

  2. I'm hoping to get a post together this week on my Citronella Fence - so far it's still working :)