Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Plan for April

A few weeks ago I lamented the lack of motivation and challenging areas of my life.  I had plans to organize my month. I got a menu done, but have not held to it very well - I think I'm going to work off the menu as a list this month and not so much a night-by-night menu.  Part of the problem is that April weather means that one night is 75 and I'm ready to grill and the next night is 31 and soup and bread look better.  So, this month, the menu is a meal list and we'll pick from it until all our options are used up.

One area that I needed to deal with was my work room.  In a small room I had four tables set up for three different projects in various stages of completeness:  Candles that were poured and waiting for packaging, sewing projects halfway done, a stack of items waiting for their day on eBay, other stacks that got tossed in the workroom since it's the closest place to put things out of GBaby's reach. Thanks to a gal from church who was on spring break and wanted to hang out with GBaby, I was able to spend a good chunk of time clearing out that room.  Now it is a much more workable space and I've given myself a "one project at a time" rule for that area.

Just Do It Tea TowelFor April, I'm starting my days with 5 things on my task list that are my priorities.  I know, doesn't seem like much but caring for Ms. I'm-Cutting-4-Teeth-All-At-Once has been taking more time than usual lately.  So 5 tasks it is, and anything else I see around the house that need to get done - just do it.  Then and there on the spot.  So far the house is still standing and we've all been fed and have clean laundry.  I'm calling it a success for this month.

There are a number of online communities that are taking the spring cleaning and organizing thing to a whole new level.  If you need the motivation to do that check them out.  Two that I know of are  Money Saving Mom's Clear the Clutter Challenge and Christian HomeKeeper Network Spring Cleaning.  They've served to spark my attention to areas of my house that need help and as a result I did get the refrigerator shelves wiped down this week and cleaned out from behind and under the fridge-oh the nastiness!  I also got the kitchen swept, but that's about it.

So for the rest of this month, I'll keep with my "just do it" mantra and take one day at a time.  My inner-planner needs a break.   How is your month going?

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