Thursday, April 1, 2010

Birthday Feast - Part 2

I've always shared the time surrounding my birthday since my Dad's birthday falls two days prior.  What I remember most about birthdays growing up, was the rule was that you couldn't talk about your birthday until the family member's birthday before you had passed.  I think they made that one up just to bug me! But I had one day.  Then I married Handman and that lost that day - for his birthday is the day between my dad's and mine.  Now, the last week of March is usually declared a family holiday and we spend the week celebrating.  We did that early this year and called it February vacation.

bdaymealMy birthday was yesterday.  HandMan got some super cool garden tools.  I'm waiting for the fog to lift so I can go play in the dirt!  Since it was my birthday, there was no cooking by my hands yesterday.  HandyMan made me biscuits and scrambled eggs for breakfast and steak, asparagus and a warm, rosemary bruchetta type creation that was very yummy!  It was a good day.  Now, back to the "normal" routine...


  1. It was like Bruchetta - but the only fresh ingredient was the onion... the good stuff will be here before we know it :)