Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Birthday Feasting

On Monday we celebrated HandyMan's birthday, which actually falls today.  Since his calendar was full for today, but yesterday was his day off - he elected to have his birthday a day early.  Since GBaby's too little to know - he can get away with that this year!

As is a tradition in our families growing up, we've continued the tradition of allowing the birthday celebrant to choose their menu for their birthday.  Here's what kept me busy on Monday:

For brunch, we had Mascarpone Stuffed French Toast with strawberries.  It took the idea from the recipe, but made fresh bread for the french toast on Sunday with my Basic Bread.

hmbday1From there sliced up huge chunks of it and put the slit in slices for the cheese and grilled them up.  The finished result was very good.  A little sweet for my liking and since I LOVE cream cheese, I think I would rather have them stuffed with cream cheese - but it wasn't my birthday :).hmbday2

Lunch didn't come until about 2 - and the Birthday Boy requested Potato Leek Soup with Pumpernickel Bread.  I melded a couple of different recipes for the bread and it turned out very well- says he who likes Pumpernickel.

hmbday3(The loaf was actually darker - the photo came out light)


For dessert, Cheesecake:

hmbday5Happy Birthday!


  1. Too bad my Tommy doesn't have your hubby's tastes! For his birthday, also Tuesday, he chose apple pancake for breakfast (yum), hot dogs and tater tots for lunch (yawwwwn), and homemade pizza for dinner. The cake, because he is MY child, was devil's food with chocolate icing. Maybe next year I'll try whispering "pumpernickel" and "marscapone" in his ear while he sleeps. Wish Handyman a happy birthday from us! Jennifer

  2. The family lore goes that when asked what he wanted for his birthday meal, a very young (4 year old maybe) HandyMan looked at his mom and replied souffle, fresh artichokes and chocolate mousse. Keep whispering - it may just work!