Friday, March 19, 2010

Freezer Friday-Clearing the Freezer Week 3

freezerfridaysmWe interrupt the Bread Journey for this week's Freezer Friday.  This week we've been in and out so much that mealtimes have been very sporadic.  Since we're eating meals from the freezer, no worries!  We've just been heating stuff up when it's time to eat and all is well.  Here are a few things that have made it to our bellies this week:

The Bread Journey will continue next week with a look at different types of bake ware and bringing the whole process together to bake a great loaf of bread.  Finally I have put together a quick and easy troubleshooting guide to address many of the common problems when baking yeast breads.  I had intended to get more of this up this week but life, GBaby's teething and nice weather rearranged my schedule a bit.

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